Smartphone Replacement Recommendation

Dear ScreenStrong Families,

At our seminars, I am regularly asked by parents if there is a non-data phone we recommend for kids. While we continue to believe that your child will be just fine without a phone to function in their everyday life, we understand that many parents desire a good alternative to a smartphone.

We are always on the lookout for partners and products that support our mission to educate and empower parents to eliminate screen addiction in their homes. While parents should always stay on top of their child’s digital experiences, regardless of the devices they allow, we are happy to endorse a new talk/text-only phone for teens.

This phone avoids the most significant problems—unlimited access to the internet and social media—that research shows can open the door to addictive screen habits and poor emotional health.

Good news!

Use our promo code STRONG to get a discount on your phone. Every purchase using our promo code will also support our education programs and empower all parents to develop a healthy digital lifestyle for their children.

If you have any questions about our endorsement of this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Founder of ScreenStrong