Melanie Hempe

I help parents prevent screen addiction, rescue their kids, and enjoy family life again.

I’m a retired RN, mom of four, speaker, coach, consultant, and author of multiple books and courses, including The ScreenStrong Solution, Will your Gamer Survive College?, Can Your Teen Survive—and Thrive—Without a Smartphone, and the ScreenStrong courses: “Kids’ Brains and Screens” and “The ScreenStrong Solution.”

I am passionate about using my background as a nurse and mom to help parents avoid the same screen mistakes my husband and I made with our oldest child, whose screen addiction caused him to drop out of college.

Once I figured out what led to my son’s screen addiction–and why we were having so many screen conflicts in our home–I applied my medical background to share science and solutions with other parents. The success of this simple approach was so astounding that I created this organization to reach and help many others. I promised myself that I would never forget the pain and loneliness of losing a child to the virtual world. That experience continues to fuel my commitment to helping parents make positive changes with screens in their homes.

When my family was battling screen addiction, I also discovered that ours wasn’t the only family struggling amid the digital tidal wave. Yours isn’t, either. But, just like me, you can learn how to chart a new course for your family. With just a little bit of science, a few myth-busters, and a friendly community, ScreenStrong parents have the savvy and support to avoid a whole lot of screen suffering.

My overarching goal for you and your family is this: To help you stop fighting and start thriving!

I want to help you save your kids and family from the pain I experienced.

I created ScreenStrong to bring you the best of the medical evidence, mixed in with my personal experience as a mom. Along the way, we’ve also added a dash of fun–and now ScreenStrong is ready for you and your family.

I am so glad you found us. Welcome to ScreenStrong!