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ScreenStrong empowers families to reclaim their kids from toxic screens (social media, video games, and porn). Our solutions are screen-smart, not screen-free. We replace toxic screen use with healthy activities, life skills development, and family connections.

The result?
Strong kids. Strong families.

to be screenstrong

is to make a countercultural choice to move your child’s entertainment and social life from the online world back to the real in-person world.  

ScreenStrong's Core Values

ScreenStrong successfully helps parents around the world prevent and reverse their children’s dependence on addictive screens. We help parents understand the science and identify solutions that address the problem at its core so they are empowered to delay smartphones and social media, and replace video games with healthy hobbies.

Build Healthy Families: Family connections and values are stronger when parents’ influence and leadership is greater than peers and screen culture. 

Eliminate Toxic Screens: Technology can be a useful tool, but toxic screen use is harmful (video games, social media, pornography), is not mandatory for any age child, and cannot be balanced. Moderation is a myth because a moderate amount of toxic screens is still harmful to children.

Develop Life Skills: Learning life skills is more important than screen skills. 

Prioritize Authentic Relationships: True communication and connections are developed in person—not on a screen. 

Dare to Be Different: Saying no to the use of addictive and toxic screens through adolescence is the best prevention for screen dependency.